I am Prikesh Savla

Web Developer App Developer Devourer of Tasty Foods Shutterbug to the World

My Services

Web Developement

Website implementation from PSD / AI / XS into HTML5 and CSS3 Templates
Custom Web Application Development with PHP, mysql, Rails, Postgresql, Node.js and JavaScript
Website Template Development Utilizing the SilverStripe CMS
Custom Module and Component Development for the SilverStripe CMS


I click pictures that pique my interest and post it on Instagram.
It will be filled with pictures looking at a different perspective, to focus on various things in life that go missed.
Also will start posting food, so stay hungry!!!

App Development

Working with the awesome Google backed Flutter Framework to Build Apps and Mobile Solutions.

About Me

Hi There

Making mobile first high quality websites with Bootstrap 4, Vuejs. Highly scalable apps with Google backed Flutter Framework and High performance Web Apps and Prototypes with Ruby on Rails.

Prikesh Savla
+91 8286364752

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Every Day is a New Challenge

Challenges come to us to make us better not bitter. There is wisdom in challenges, you must look for them. Challenges can make you or break you.

“Don’t run away from a challenge. Instead, run toward it, the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your fett and the more difficult the victory; the greater the happiness in winning.”
- Kemmy Nola
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Modern Web Sites (HTML5, CSS3, VueJs, Php)
Scalable Web Apps (RoR, Node.js, Heroku)
Interactive Android Apps (Flutter, Graphql)